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Q&A with Chip

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  • Q A

    Awkward Conversations

    I just listened to part one of “Homosexuality Lifestyle.” My niece in her mid-20s has been in this situation for about five years. She graduated from an all-girls’ college and grew up in a liberal church with a lesbian minister. I decided not to attend…

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  • Q A

    Opposite Opinions

    Recently, our 28-year-old son told us he is gay. We were completely blindsided by this revelation. Now we have had to walk the journey of trying to maintain a relationship with him and to express our love even though he has pulled away from us…

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  • Q A

    Showing Love

    I have a daughter who is in a lesbian relationship. She has spoken to me about it and knows it is wrong but feels that this is what she is going to do right now. She has had sexual abuse in her childhood, which I…

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