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Showing Love

I have a daughter who is in a lesbian relationship. She has spoken to me about it and knows it is wrong but feels that this is what she is going to do right now. She has had sexual abuse in her childhood, which I just found out about last year. Her dad struggled with drug addiction all her life. She is 20 years old. I just feel so bad for her. I know she is searching and wants to find love. She is a believer, and I believe she is going to come out of this, but it is a struggle I wanted to know if you have any resources, and please pray for me. I know you had a sermon on this awhile back. I don’t want to condone this behavior, but I want to show her love.


Chip's Answer

Yes, Jane, we do have resources that can help you personally on this journey and to learn how to communicate both truth and love to your daughter.

This teaching on homosexuality in chapter 4 is a great place to begin. Also, you will notice endnotes and a bibliography that, by their titles, can help you address a wide variety of related issues.

Finally, we have discovered that the support of others and a place to process your journey is critical to empower you to respond with both truth and love. Often, the best wisdom from God comes from those who know you and your daughter the best as you study God’s Word together. This entire Culture Shock series is available in a small group DVD format with study guides that will help you explore and apply this teaching.